Dark Blue Tiger

Tirumala septentrionis

The Dark Blue Tiger (Tirumala septentrionis) is a Danaid butterfly found in South and Southeast Asia.

Closely resembles Tirumala limniace, Cramer, but is always sufficiently distinct to be easily recognized, even on the wing.

Expanse: 80-115 mm.


The Himalayas from Simla to Sikhim, into Assam, Myanmar and Southeast Asia; Orissa ; Southern India., the Western Ghats and Nilgiris; Sri Lanka.


This species is one of the predominant species (78%) during the migratory season in southern India during which many species migrate. Both males and females appear to migrate in equal numbers.

Life cycle

Caterpillar is similar to that of T. limniace . It is said by MacKinnon and de Niceville to feed on Vallaris dichotoma Other species include Cosmostigma racemosa Heterostemma brownii and Cocculus spp

Spotted From

Wayanad, Kerala.