Common Fourring

The Common Fourring Ypthima huebneri is a species of Satyrinae butterfly found in Asia.

Wet-season form

Upperside greyish brown. Fore wing with the usual comparatively large, bi-pupilled, yellow-ringed, black pre-apical ocellus. Hind wing usually with two, sometimes with three, very rarely without any, smaller similar uni-pupilled post-discal ocelli. Underside greyish white, not very densely covered with transverse short brown striae. Fore wing with the preapical ocellus as on the upperside, obscure discal and subterminal dull brown transverse fasciae and a narrow brown ring round the ocellus diffusely produced posteriorly. Hind wing with one apical and typically three postdiscal posterior ocelli placed in a curve; traces of transverse brown discal and subterminal fasciae in most specimens. Antenna, head, thorax and abdomen greyish brown, the abdomen paler beneath. Male without secondary sex-mark

Dry-season form

Similar, somewhat paler on both upper and under sides ; the discal and subterminal transverse fasciae more pronounced; the ocelli on the underside of the hind wing minute or absent

Wing expanse of 40-44 mm.


Throughout peninsular India, Assam and Burma





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